Road Studio is an innovative concept of music production primarily located in Lille in the North of France, but we can reach everywhere in France and in Europe. It is a mobile recording studio built in a truck, allowing for a recording session in the outdoor. We leave for atypical places to find our inspiration in order to record an extraordinary album.


Our History

Benjamin Mathieu ingénieur du son

“In 2014, I got myself involved in an exceptional adventure : to go on the road in order to record artists anywhere they want.

Thanks to a recording studio constructed inside the truck itself, I offer the possibility to realize their dream project in the acoustics and the mood that most inspire them.

It’s not the artist who goes to the studio anymore, but the studio which goes to the artist, with us you can give a new color to your music.

Do you have a music project ?”


Why not you !

Benjamin Mathieu

Road Studio Owner

Bands and artists

Enregistrement et production d'album, studio d'enregistrement pas cher lille

Recording and musical production

You want to record an album, an EP, record a live performance, or something more unconventional ?

Road Studio moves to your place of choice and guide you all along your venture. Together, we will share your passion and motivation to get the best possible creation at the end.

Road Studio, it is above all a personalized adventure. You like reverberation ? We will go in a church. You are fascinated by underground music ? Let’s go in a old warehouse.

We will find together what you need, there is no need to be billionaire to do good music.

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Companies and associations

Audiovisuel et événementiel

Audiovisual / Service for businesses and communities

Companies search for the best way to communicate. It may be by an interview, a promotional video, a seminar or other projects involving audio-visual technologies or associated techniques. Road Studio bring his expertise to professionals in order to ensure the best realizations. As an audio and light engineer, the Road Studio can manage the technical aspect of an event, it can also provide a communication medium of professional quality.

Numerous associations aim nowadays to democratize and develop culture. In order to help them in this task, Road Studio propose a panel of performances allowing the organization of the best events.

Road Studio ensure a technical  performance at a competitive price, while remaining in tune with your expectations.

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Road Studio already worked with more than fifty artists since its foundation in 2014. We recorded in different places : forest, warehouse, castles, churches, outside, empty swimming pool etc.

Here is a travel board containing our adventures but also references of our work :

     Sans Titre Ddd Sly And Co Mooone ChazLevend Nathanjo No Signal Small Player SEGO LEN

And a lot more…

Live sessions / Concert captations :

We recorded live-sessions in such different places : churches, warehouse, forest, highway stop, castles, outside, garage etc.


For any questions, to talk about your projects or to have a coffee, do not hesitate to contact Benjamin Mathieu, owner of Road Studio !

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Phone : + 33


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